Wednesday, May 23, 2012

WBT Certification

If you missed out on last night's live webcast about the new WBT Certification, you really need to play catch up! Go to and watch the replay of Coach B's explaination of what certification is and how to go about achieving the ranks. There are 10 ranks total ranging from WBT novice to WBT Board Certified International Presenter!

How does this process work. Well, in a nutshell it's basically letting others know about your WBT experiences, good or bad, and getting awarded for your thoughtful sharing. You can earn Certification Points (CP) in many ways. Posting about webcasts, such as the one last night, can earn you points. So can posting to a blog and getting followers to that blog. The more followers your blog has, the better. Creating videos can also give you the chance to earn points. Attending a conference and posting to the WBT website about that conference could give you 100 points! Just think how awesome attending the upcoming National Conference in Pineville, LA would be knowing that you could tell others about it and earn CP!

You might be wondering what becoming WBT certified can mean for you as a teacher. Well, once you achieve Level 5 - Board Certified WBT Teacher, you'll receive 2 great rewards! An awesome certificate of achievement as well as a personal letter of recommendation from a member of the WBT Executive Board will be headed your way via email! Not to mention a phone call from Mr. Biffle himself for an oral exam about WBT. How cool is that! From there, other opportunities to be a WBT voice are available.

How far do you want to reach? Level 3? Level 5? Maybe all the way to Level 10? Or, do you want to be a master in a specific area? Whatever your goal is, just remember the WBT motto: Despite hardships, to the STARS!

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