Friday, May 25, 2012

WBT, My Hero!

Awarded 6/28/2012
This school year, we departmentalized our third grade classes for the first time. For me, it meant juggling two sections of students with a shorter teaching time and using Whole Brain Teaching techniques that my coworker did not use. I hoped WBT would be my superhero!

Just like any superhero, WBT gave me instant attention. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s face it, any time bystanders in those movies see the over the top lead character, they are awestruck and give them their full attention while they do something remarkable! Well, “Class, Yes” did just that for me so many times and the best part was that the type situation didn’t matter!

During football season, our classes could attend the high school pep rally on Friday afternoons. Naturally, they were loud and super exciting for our young students. When we needed to leave early to return to class for dismissal, my superhero, WBT, was on call. With one loud “Class, Class!” I had 30 students responding, “Yes, Yes!” and giving me their attention! My superhero then was able to commandeer a line of students on cue and exit the pep rally with no one left behind and no chaos! But, it doesn’t stop there!

Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and other holidays bring their own individual enemies. From being hyped up on sugary goodness, or not being completely satisfied with a gift received, we all know that these parties can be loud and crazy! WBT flies in and saves the day yet again! Even with all 30 students in one room, I could quickly gather their attention for my coworker to give a set of instructions. Even better was when it was time to return to our separate rooms. All I needed was “Lines” and my section would arrive at the door in an orderly manner! No pushing, shoving or fighting to deal with!

Awards day, which is our last day of school, can be the most frenzied time with parents wanting to leave with students before we can bring them back to our classes and check them out. I just knew my hero’s power would do wondrous magic for one last time! In to the lunchroom, all nice and in line, but an hour later, those calm students are now antsy and ready to start summer vacation. “Oh, Class!” I say. “Oh, Yes!” our group responds. With their full attention, I ask them to merge into one line as we head back to our rooms for check outs. Awards day was no problem for my hero!

After all the students were gone and teachers were left to start our end of the year wrap up work, I almost wanted to cry. Looking back, I can now picture the star-struck girl gushing over her hero for saving the day yet again. WBT, you are my hero and I can’t wait until we can meet again – next year!


  1. Hi Julie!! I love your story! You are a SUPER HERO too! Your story will inspire others!!!

  2. Great post! I love how you shared examples of how this is working for you.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach