Thursday, June 21, 2012

Growing a Super Improvers Wall

“Keep on sowing your seed, for you never know which will grow -- perhaps it all will.” Albert Einstein
The Super Improvers Wall gives teachers an amazing tool for encouraging students. In the classroom garden, we want our students to grow in so many areas. From personal experience, the wall is not only successful and motivating, but it is also easy to create. Whether the goal is making improvements in academics, behavior, or responsibility, the Super Improvers Wall can be the fertilizer to promote progress.

In my own classroom, I have a short, but positive experience with the SIW. During the last 3 weeks of the school year, the wall was so helpful in giving some of my students praise just when they needed it most. One particular student, “Juan”, was having some inconsistencies in his ADHD medication which resulted in great problems of distraction for the other students especially in the afternoon hours. Juan tried extra hard to manage those tendencies on his own and I rewarded him with a sticker on his SIW card for his effort. That small praise planted the seed to his continued growth in self-management! I don’t know about you, but I would much rather praise a student like this than be using valuable class time to focus on his unwanted behavior.

Setting up the garden plot for your Super Improvers Wall is very simple. 10 levels are created, each with a different name and a different color. Student names are written on a piece of paper matching the color of the level they are on. You can weave the levels around any theme you would like. For example, this year I will be using a Hollywood/movie theme in my classroom, so my levels are named things like actor, writer, producer, and executive. I put the wall up early on to build student interest and excitement until I start using it a week or so into the start of the year.

Once student curiosity has sufficiently grown, they are told how the wall works. To move up to the next level, 10 stars must be received for improvements in any area the teacher chooses. Individual students, even those high achievers, can be challenged with goals. Blossoming in remembering to turn in homework assignments, flourishing in handwriting, or even working extra hard on a specific area of behavior, as Juan did, can be means for earning a star. Then, a picture of the student is taken at level 4 and level 8, but the picture is hidden from everyone until the next level is reached. Although I have not had a student get that far, I can only imagine how excited the entire class will be to see that picture!

What the Super Improvers Wall does is sow excitement into praising students without the need for tickets and expensive classroom stores. Students might even start noticing the improvements of their peers on their own! Give me a mighty OH YEAH! Let’s shower the classroom garden by sharing the love of personal achievements and growth!

Here are pictures of my SIW for this coming year. I used a pocket chart to hold colored index cards. The index cards will make it easy for me to have all the various colors I need without having to cut paper to size. There are no student cards yet because I don't have my list of names, but they would be placed under the level cards. Level 1 is a white card. Levels 2-5 are pastel colored index cards. The last 4 levels are neon colored cards.

I printed the level names and taped them on the colored cards. Like many elementary teachers, I have a TON of small circle shaped stickers. Last year, instead of drawing stars on the cards, I let the students put a sticker on themselves. Once they move to a new level, I will give them the old card to keep.


  1. What a great post Julie!! I love your idea of having plain, pastel and neon coloured cards. It really is a great example of emphasizing the progression of achievement.
    Lots of detail, photographs, metaphors... a post for WBT Certification perhaps?? :)

  2. Great post!! This does sound like it would be motivating for the students.


  3. Nice job, Julie! I use a pocket chart for my SIW too! Can you even imagine your classroom without the either!! Your pictures will be good visuals for those new to WBT!
    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

  4. Love, love this idea! I am excited to have found your blog as I am planning on incorporating WBT in my classroom next year.

  5. Julie, thanks for posting a picture of your wall. I really like it! I'm still working on mine. I need levels to go with my super hero theme. Got any ideas?

    1. What if you name them after parts of a super hero's outfit/uniform and at higher levels maybe special powers? Gravity boots, cape, utility belt, mask, super gloves, x-ray vision, flying, super strength, etc. You could get fancy and find pictures that would go with each level which would help your kinders know what they are even if they can't read the words yet.

      Hope that helps!

    2. Wow! I knew you would come up with something awesome! I didn't think of any of those. I love them, Thanks!

  6. I love your wall. Thanks for the visual it will help me in creating mine.
    Think all night…..Teach all day

  7. thanks for sharing your wall, I'm now your newest follower.

    Mrs.D Reading with Mrs. D

  8. I love your SIW and need your help! My classroom is ladybug themed and I can't come up with the levels. Do you have any ideas? Please follow my blog to help me on my journey! I am now your newest follow!

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  10. I'm very new to the SIW!! Thanks for your pictures! It really helps.