Saturday, June 16, 2012

WBT National Convention Day 3

Today was the final day of this year's Whole Brain Teaching National Convention. It was a really good day for me because the areas discussed were some of the things that I needed a better grasp of being that I will be teaching self-contained this coming year. Let me explain the specifics.

While I have been told I write well, teaching students how to write and compose works of their own is definitely a weakness of mine. Writing was a focus this morning with Coach B. highlighting the Genius Ladder and the Oral Writing, or Doozy, game. Both of these will help me lead students step by step through the process of developing complete topic sentences and appropriate details to create paragraphs.

Another focus today was in the areas of reading fluency and comprehension. I have briefly used Super Speed 100/1000 for review of common sight words and I plan on using that with my new class. We also spent time experiencing the Crazy Professor game. This game will help students with comprehension skills like summarizing which will be helpful in many subject areas, including science and social studies.

The last portion of the day was spend on Super Speed Math and Mind Soccer. Super Speed Math was a big hit with my students last year, but I wasn't able to allow them to play as frequently as I should have because of our schedule. This year, I will begin using it earlier and more often.  The scoreboard reward game, Mind Soccer, has to be a part of my system this year more it has been. I will use it to motivate without candy, tickets, or prize boxes!

By far this was the most exciting and beneficial form of professional development I have ever attended. Next year, I plan to be in attendance again. If you have the opportunity to attend any WBT conference, I high encourage you to find a way to do so!


  1. Hi Julie! So glad you had the opportunity to not only attend the conference, but to demo for your peers!! Can you remember Life before WBT?! Way to go!!

    1. Unfortunately I do because it wasn't all that long ago! If only I had this when I started teaching 12 years ago! I've been thinking about that time today a lot after not successfully posting about my convention experience on the WBT website. I did make a new post that will hopefully be much better. I'm working hard to get those 100CP for a convention review!

  2. I just discovered your blog and am your newest follower! I'm a newbie to WBT and to blogging. ;)

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