Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Week 1 - Done, Week 2 Underway!

One week of school is officially in the books. I can't believe how much of the WBT bag of goodies I've been able to use! Things started off with parent orientation where I showed part of a YouTube video of Chris Biffle, aka Coach B, taking a middle school class through the WBT basics. By the end of an early dismissal day and the first full day with the class, the Core 4 (Class-Yes, Teach-Okay, Mirror, Scoreboard) was being frequently used. We started using the 3-peat (Cubbies, Lines, Bodies Up, Page #), but even now it still needs some work.

The class Power Pix wall has 9 Pix related to our studies and a 10th that I've introduced via PowerPoint during an English lesson. For the first time in my WBT journey, I introduced the Because Clapper. Surprisingly, the students caught on to the idea. During another English lesson later in the first week, we used the Example Popper briefly. One of my students even mentioned it this week!

The Super Improvers Wall started to gain interest on that first full day and grew as the week went on. I used a PowerPoint slide show to explain the SIW and give some practice examples. The students have been very curious about the small smiley faces with cameras on Level 5 and Level 9, but I told them they have to wait until someone reaches those levels to know what that means! :)

While there are still some areas that need work, like my consistency using the scoreboard and awarding SIW stickers, I'm pleased with how things are progressing. I did make a seating arrangement change that I can already see is making a difference in some excess talking that I was having mainly because of the positioning some students had at different points during the day.

My goals for what's left of this week is to increase my scoreboard tallies to at least what they were the first week (about 30 total each day), recognize more students using the SIW, and spend more time daily practicing the 5 rules. I am committed to making this work better than I have ever had it work so it becomes a habit for me and more beneficial for my students!


  1. Way to go, Julie!! You're doing great! the Because Clapper is the best with encouraging critical thinking on any topic! I bet your students are loving your class!

    Mrs. Stoltenberg's Second Grade Class

  2. Ms. Julie I'm awarding you the Fabulous Blog Award! Check out my blog to learn more :)

    Miss L (WBT Blog Bug)
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching