Monday, October 29, 2012

Chocolate Math

My class and I had a little Halloween fun last Friday by using chocolate in a math lesson. While they didn't get to eat the chocolate, I think they really enjoyed using Chocolate Math. What is Chocolate Math? It's a new Whole Brain Teaching component which uses a "chocolate bar" hundreds chart to prove answer to math problems with answers from 0-100. Below is a link to the webcast in which Chocolate Math is introduced. (It's near the end of the webcast.)

I started by providing simple examples Coach B. provided: 3+4=7 and 7-4=3. Next I used 3x7=21, which is a type of problem my students haven't learned yet, but through the chocolate hundreds chart they were able to understand. I even showed them a problem much like what we recently finished using 2-digit addition.

After those examples, each student received a word problem page, themed around chocolate of course! We completed some problems together and some independently for practice. The most exciting part was having the students create their own word problems! Then as a class, we even solved a couple of those student created problems.

Here are a few of the problems my students created themselves.

If you'd like a copy of the word problem sheet I made for this activity, check out my TPT store for your FREE Chocolate Math word problems sheet.


  1. Hi,
    I´m trying to get the Chocloate Math pdf from the WBT website and it´s just not working. Any ideas what I should do? I´m a 3rd/4th ELD teacher in AZ

    1. See the instructions at the end of the video Coach B has on Chocolate Math on how to submit $5.40 for a pdf of Prog. 540.