Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Level 5 - Oh Yeah!

I've been sitting on some really exciting news for long enough! As of December 3rd, I am offically a Level 5 Whole Brain Teaching Board Certified Instructor!! Overall, I am only the 4th teacher ever to receive this level of certification. My certification packet will be headed my way soon!

When I received the email from the WBT Director of Certification, Nancy Stoltenberg, I couldn't help running around my house yelling like crazy! Since the start of the WBT certification during the summer, I've been thinking about what my goals would be. Level 5 was very much a goal, but I didn't expect to reach it as quickly as I have.

If you aren't familar with WBT certification, you can read my previous post on the topic. You can also visit the Whole Brain Teaching website where there is a file detailing the process. It's a great process to grow as a teacher using WBT techinques and be able to share with others your thoughts and experiences.

The best part of all is now that I am a Level 5, I will have the opportunity to complete special assignments given to me by Coach B!