Friday, May 31, 2013

Optimum Organization Linky Party

I like organizing things, so I couldn't resist joining the linky party hosted by Fun in Room 4B and Ladybugs Teacher Files. Here are a few things I've done in my room and are doing to get ready for this coming year. (Yes, I know it's not even June and school doesn't start until August, but I just can't help myself!)

Brag Tag Storage

Surfing Pinterest one day, I found a teacher rewarding students using brag tags from They have so many different premade tags, but the options for making your own are simple and really fast. So, I ordered some for my students and it quickly became something they liked. At first, I placed the tags in an ice cube tray I happened to have but they kept falling out into the zipper bag I placed the tray in. Then, I found this organizer for less than $5.00 at Joann Fabrics a couple days ago.

I added the tags plus the leftover necklaces from this year and now I've got some great organization for them! They all fit well into the compartments, including the larger birthday star tags I have.

Library Organization

Over the years, I have collect quite a few books for my classroom library. I use pockets and cards to help keep track of which books are checked out to each student. This container from target helps me organize the cards, pockets, and stickers I use in labeling my books.

It comes with 3 levels, but you can add to it. The top level is where I place the color dot stickers I use for Accelerated Reader levels and some pockets with the cards in them. The other 2 are for holding extra cards and pockets. I order all of these supplies from

Attendance, Lunch Choices, and Library Cards

The cards for my classroom library books along with some other management tools I use are done in a numbered pocket chart like the one below.


Each student has a number which is assigned alphabetically at the beginning of the school year. In the mornings, the students select a laminated slip indicating their lunch choice (school lunch, lunchbox, or milk only) for the day as well as letting me know they are present in the classroom. I can quickly look at the chart to know specific my lunch count and who is absent for the morning attendance.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May Currently

I'm linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade's Farley for the Currently. Here's what is currently in May for me!

Listening: I happened to be running through the channels and caught the beginning of The Ron Clark Story starring Matthew Perry. It's based on a true story about a teacher trying to inspire a class of kids in New York City.

Loving: The recent arctic blast has dropped the temps here down, and I for one do not mind. Summer weather and heat will be here soon enough!

Thinking: There seems to be so much to do in the next few weeks. I still have one last test to make, my Candy Bar Awards ballots to count and get ready (more about that coming soon), and I haven't even started on the end of the year class video!

Wanting: The sap has risen and is starting to boil! Having such a long stretch between Easter break and the end of the year is taking it's toll on everyone. Just 3 more weeks!

Needing: So I have a tendency to procrastinate when it comes to things for me. I've been known to go for several months without getting a haircut. At this time, it's been almost 2 months...I think. Last time around, I cut a lot off and I think for my next visit I might so go for broke and get it much, much shorter!

Summer Bucket List: My first month off is just a little busy, all in the same week. I'll be going to the Whole Brain Teaching National Conference in Pineville, LA. Last year was such an awesome experience so I made sure I could go again. Then at the end of that week I'll be taking in the bright lights of Sin City. Beachbody has it's Coaches Summit in Las Vegas. I'll be attending for the first time and I'm a little nervous about it since I'll be flying for the first time since 2000!