Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Your Room Ready Part 1

My position for the coming year has changed so much recently that I've been neglecting my blog. Things seem to finally be set now. I'll be back in the classroom teaching math and social science (alternating science and social studies lessons) to the single 3rd grade section.

Know all of this has allowed me to start getting my classroom prepped for the start of school the second week in August. Let's start with the 5 Rules.

My Hollywood/movie themed 5 Rules posters.

My classroom has a Hollywood/movie theme so I made new "posters" to match. As you can see, my Rule 1 is the version that's used later in the school year to take things up a notch. I'll be putting up Follow directions quickly! in the coming week.

Why is it important to put these posters in a visible place in your classroom? Some schools/districts require it, but let's face it, those posters just collect dust in many cases. Not in WBT! The rules are reviewed every day, many times throughout the day. Most commonly, they are revisited after ever return to the classroom. Since I will see my students in the afternoons, that will most likely be twice - first when they initially enter for the day and second when the students return from their afternoon recess.

Once the students become familiar with the rules, they can be challenged by asking for them in a different order. Something fun to do is have a student leader lead the class in the rules and have them use a finger pointer to point at the rules as they ask for them. Using different voices (silly, robot, whisper, etc.) can liven up that daily rules review as well.

For future editions of the Getting Your Room Ready series, I'll talk about the Super Improvers Wall, Scoreboard, seating arrangements, and other related areas. Do you have something you'd like to see or read about in setting up your classroom for WBT? Leave a comment below and I'll consider it!


  1. Hi, Julie,

    I really appreciate all that the Wibbeteers already share. In the age of TPT, it's so refreshing to see how much is offered freely by WBTs. I used WBT a bit last year but want to do much more in the upcoming year.

    I'd like to know more about the nitty-gritty of partnerships in Teach-Okay. Do you assign partners or is it more informal--whomever is sitting next to you? With uneven numbers, do you make a partnership of three (choosing students who can make that work) or do you have a child teach his shoe (or a stuffed animal, etc.)?

    Do you have any tips or routines for making the SIW easier to administer? What were the highest and lowest levels achieved by students who were with you all year? What was the average level reached by students who attended all year?

    That's all for now. I'm going to stalk--I mean read!--all your posts on the book club blog. ;-)

    Diane (2nd grade/TX)

    1. Diane,

      Thanks for stalking, um, following my blog! Look for a future post on the SIW that might help answer some of your questions. As for the Teach-Okay, I'll be sure to make a post detailing that soon just for you!

      Ms. Julie