Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting Your Room Ready Part 2

After getting my 5 Rules posters up, I moved on to the Super Improvers Wall. This little gem is great for individual motivation and praising when students make progress in many areas. Here's what my revamped wall for this year looks like.

The full view of my SIW.

The new header matching my Hollywood/movie theme.

My themed SIW levels.
The small pictures on levels 5 and 8 are the picture opportunities. For more information about that, be sure to check out Chapter 15 of Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids. Now what you might notice missing is the student pieces. Last year, I used in same colored index cards that the levels above are shown on. I plan on using the same this year, but I will more than likely cut the cards in half. Why? Well, I will only see my students for half of the school day, so instead of the normal 10 stickers/stars per level, we will use only 5. The index cards are kept in a storage container by my teaching area and I always keep a sheet of stickers nearby for awarding.

Some teachers draw stars on the student pieces when giving them. I use stickers for 2 reasons. First, I allow the students to put them on themselves and they beam when they get to do so. Second, like many other teachers, I have a TON of smaller stickers that were just collecting dust laying in folders or storage drawers. Now they'll get used.

Last year, I was not as consistent with giving out stickers for the wall as I know I should have been. All of my students reached the second level but only a few made it to near the end of the 3rd level. One of my goals is to be better with the SIW especially since I will not see my students all day.

Next up in this series - the Scoreboard and some WBT basics!

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