Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently September

Hello blogging friends! I must apologize for my absence here. It has been a wild start to school. My edition of the Currently link up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade might help explain that.

Listening: My 5 month old little kitten, Kitkat, has located her newest play toy. She's running around the kitchen batting a plastic bottle cap everywhere! I just love cheap toys!

Loving: Though I've only seen students 12 days, we had 3 pre-student days this year, so I'm so glad to have a day to recharge!

Thinking: As I mentioned, this has been a wild school beginning - probably the most chaotic of my 13 pervious years. My job position changed more times than I can remember this summer and is still changing. Tomorrow will hopefully be the final version of my schedule. I've got 2 classes of 7th grade math, a 7th grade enrichment class, and a class of recently 8th grade math. I'll be so happy to have no more changes!

Wanting: With these newest changes, I've had to redo my lesson plans to reflect the changes including dropping of the other enrichment I had, prepare lessons for this new class, and work on the tests so that I can get at least one grade in before progress reports go out.

Needing: Interesting for someone from Louisiana to say they want rain, but we need some. It's been a while and things are getting a little too dry. I experience it each morning on bus/car duty as the vehicles make their way through the gravel parking lot! Can you say dust?!?!

Love Yourself Goals: Here are my 3 goals, which for whatever reason all start with C!

First is clean my house some. You might think that isn't really a love yourself thing, but in my case it is. I was excited that though I had to move to another building and classroom on campus, I was able to leave my elementary things in my old classroom. Until they split one class and everything had to be moved out in a week! So now, all of that stuff is in a heap at my house and needs cleaning!

Second is crocheting. It's something my mom taught me to do when I was in elementary school and while I pick up a project to do every year, I'm not consistent. There are about 3 crochet projects I have lined up with time limits on each. The first has been started, so I just have to keep with it.

Last is to just chill. School, because of all these changes and unknowns has been very stressful. I've been missing my elementary coworkers since I don't get to see them every day and the extra last minute planning has been tough. Crocheting and some playing on my computer will help me relax!