Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Currently

It's hard to believe, but it's already March! Just about 3 months left in this school year. Here's my addition to the March Currently. A little late due to some technical issues with blogger. You can link up by visiting

Listening: I'm really waiting for The Young and the Restless to come on, so Price is Right for now.
Loving: Ah the perk of living in Louisiana during Mardi Gras! A 3 day holiday for my school, though others int he area are taking a full week!
Thinking: I've posted a couple of coordinate plane graphing picture activities, so I might make a few more for some upcoming holidays.
Wanting: It's raining and there are icicles hanging from my roof. Not exact great Mardi Gras or Louisiana weather.
Needing: I have a serious pile of dishes on my counter top. I think I'll wash them after making this post. :)
????????: Ok, there's my answer. You're welcome to make guesses in the comments!


  1. Very good guess, favorite places to eat IN WHICH TOWN?
    We have had a 2-day break because of snow. Sun is out but not helping much.
    I think your question is...How old are my kiddos?

  2. Good guess, but no. I don't have any kids outside of my students. :)

  3. Is your question "What grades have I taught?"

    I LOVE Y&R! I've watched it for years!!

    1. That's right, Lana! I started with 5th ELA for a year, moved down to 3rd until last year, and now I have 7th grade math and a small 8th grade pre-algebra.