Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

August is here and school is less than a week away! Let's get to Farley's Augustly Currently!

Louisiana has a two day tax free holiday to help with back to school purchases. That along with B2S sales has helped me get some things I needed.  My room is almost ready but I still have some prep work to do with lessons and tests. I'm holding off on finishing labels for some pocket charts, desks and files because two students registered last week. All my cubbies are full and so is the extra shelf I set up, so any more students and I'm not sure where I'll put their belongings!

My WBT Wednesday post for this week will be made next week. A board in my classroom was painted to refresh the dry erase surface so I couldn't do some things I needed for that post. Next week will be the final review of my completed room before parent orientation on the 7th!


  1. A tax free holiday! That sounds amazing! Have fun purchasing things for your classroom and good luck this year!

  2. I am so jealous you have everything tax free! Here in Iowa, we are tax free this weekend, but only on clothing! I am having the same issue as you with labeling things. I have a rough draft class list, but I got that before school was out, so who knows how many changes have been made since then! Good luck with finishing up your room! :-)


  3. It's tax free weekend in Alabama, too! It's much too busy out there for me to go shopping! Kids everywhere and parents with those supply lists in hand! I am staying home this last day of my summer break!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. Tax free is the best! I have been a shopping machine this weekend!

    Sweet Tea and Second Grade

  5. Wow, a tax free holiday! What a great idea. Here is Wisconsin, not sure anyone wants to help us with school supplies. I got lucky, I had my senior daughter shopping for deals this weekend. You guys start really early compared to us. We have to start after Labor Day due to our tourism industry. Congrats on your A+ blog award. Always looking for fun science ideas. If you are too stop on by...

    Renee at