Sunday, August 17, 2014

Classroom Setup 2014 Part 3

The first 3 days of the school year have passed and I'm enjoying a nice Sunday doing some school work while washing clothes. I didn't have picture earlier to show how my desks are arranged, but now I do! Take a look.

My largest class has 18 students, so I made two rows of 9. I like this desk arrangement for several reasons. First all of my students are facing the front of the classroom. This is great since I use my projector for a lot of different things during the day. Secondly, it makes it very easy for students to find or be assigned a partner. I do have odd numbered rows, so there is one group of three students that are paired together in each. I can also have students in the front row turn around and pair up with the student directly behind them in the back row. 

This seating arrangement also allows for lots of movement. I am able to visit students without running into chairs, desks, or students. Students are able to move about the classrooms easily as well as long as they remember to push their chairs! Passing papers is a breeze with this setup as well.

Some teachers prefer to put their student desks in groups of 4 or more. I have in the past tried such a seating arrangement, but had little success. Some students had to turn their body to face the front of the classroom which made it difficult if they needed to write something down. Another problem that I discovered was that students were able to communicate with each other during times when that would not be appropriate.

We started using Power Pix during our first few days so I'll post soon showing our wall for those. I'm working on the slow reveal of the SIW and will begin using it this week. I'll try to remember to take some pictures of that to share as well! 

Hope everyone has a great upcoming week!

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