Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Currently

Hi blogging friends! It's been a while. Why is it each year school starts and my blog seems to go dormant for about 3 months? 1st 9-weeks down and already almost half way through the 2nd! Guess I need to get back to blogging with my addition to Oh Boy 4th Grade blogger Farley's Currently!

Listening: Ah The Princess Diaries - such a nice movie. I got my 3 fur babies a set of those plastic ball cages that have a bell in them. Every so often one of them will go crazy and bat one around the house.

Loving: Finally, some cooler weather! We're under a freeze warning for a few hours tonight, but I'm enjoying not having a few days of duty that aren't sweltering with heat and humidity. The kitties and I will be cuddling tonight!

Thinking: Halloween this week was nothing compared to the schedule I have coming. A parent conference on both Monday and Tuesday, the first LSU womens' basketball game of the year on Wednesday night, and because of the football game with the school's crosstown rival on Friday, we have the annual "glow in the dark" pep rally. AND don't forget the regular art and library visits! Something tells me this is going to be a loooong week!

Wanting: This stretch of the year can be so tough. We haven't had a holiday break since Labor Day and won't have one until we're off the entire week of Thanksgiving. It can't get here soon enough or everyone.

Needing: So I always seem to have at least one crocheting project going. More than a year ago, I started making a chocolate and dark teal afghan for my queen bed. I haven't touched it for a while now. I'm thinking I'm going to make it smaller than what I had planned and turn it sideways on my bed as an accent. If I don't I'll never finish it. Then, I started a scarf for a fellow teacher as a little bit late birthday gift. It's still not finished! Besides that, I'm already getting ideas for small Christmas gifts. Guess I better get stitching!

Reading: I don't really read much these days. Instead, I spend time crocheting, playing games, or doing school related work. If looking at Facebook teacher groups counts, then I guess that's about all I'm reading.

Have a happy week, everyone!