Friday, April 10, 2015

WBT Linky Party

Fellow Wibbeteer Sarah Meador from Meador in the Middle has started a linky party that I'm joining in.

For my link in the party, I've added my post from a few years ago giving information about Whole Brain Teaching's game SuperSpeed Math and how I organize it in my classroom.  There's another post that has a video of one of my past classes using SS Math to show you what it looks like.

For the link to the post on how I organized SS Math, visit Sarah's WBT Linky Party by clicking on the picture above. If you'd like to see the video post, here's a link: SuperSpeed Math in Action

Do you have some WBT blog posts? Why not join the party by adding one, too!

Don't know what Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) is all about? Visit the WBT website by clicking the picture below to see past webcasts, read forum posts, and even get FREE - yes that's right, FREE downloads including SuperSpeed Math!

Friday, April 3, 2015

April Currently

Happy Good Friday friends!

It's crazy to thing there's only about 6 weeks left of school for the year! My class this year is a cast of characters who have made this year a real trip!

It's a few days late, but here's my addition to Farley's Currently!

Listening: I watch QVC like some people watch the Weather Channel. I even keep it on when I go to sleep at night, just to have the noise of people talking!

Loving: Our first day off is today and we have off all next week. It was time for a break. The kids were starting to get a little tired of each other.

Thinking: Temperatures here are already hitting the mid 80's and I don't really do well with hotter temps. I'm definitely an indoors gal!

Wanting: So back in January, I got a Fitbit Flex - from QVC as a TSV, LOL. It was to help me focus better on my eating and activity during the day. I love it! My set came with a black band and I chose the teal one as the option but I would like a few more. It's fun to change it out. Just wish I could get a true purple. They've even got some that are more like a piece of jewelry, but they're a little expensive.

Needing: I'm in a weight loss challenge with some of my fellow elementary teachers. We've weighed in 4 times and since that initial weight, I've lost just shy of 6 lbs. I'm wanting not to gain on this week off and keep the loss going. I bought a Smooth X Bike (um, yeah from QVC) and I've been trying to do 5-10 miles 5 or more days a week to help with exercising.

EGGS-plain Your Name: Mine's pretty easy to explain. I needed a name for my Whole Brain Teaching account and since I'm a teaching in the southern state of Louisiana, I thought Southern Teacher was fitting. When I decided to make a blog, I knew I wanted to include that in the name of the blog along with WBT, which was what the blog was mainly started for!