Friday, April 3, 2015

April Currently

Happy Good Friday friends!

It's crazy to thing there's only about 6 weeks left of school for the year! My class this year is a cast of characters who have made this year a real trip!

It's a few days late, but here's my addition to Farley's Currently!

Listening: I watch QVC like some people watch the Weather Channel. I even keep it on when I go to sleep at night, just to have the noise of people talking!

Loving: Our first day off is today and we have off all next week. It was time for a break. The kids were starting to get a little tired of each other.

Thinking: Temperatures here are already hitting the mid 80's and I don't really do well with hotter temps. I'm definitely an indoors gal!

Wanting: So back in January, I got a Fitbit Flex - from QVC as a TSV, LOL. It was to help me focus better on my eating and activity during the day. I love it! My set came with a black band and I chose the teal one as the option but I would like a few more. It's fun to change it out. Just wish I could get a true purple. They've even got some that are more like a piece of jewelry, but they're a little expensive.

Needing: I'm in a weight loss challenge with some of my fellow elementary teachers. We've weighed in 4 times and since that initial weight, I've lost just shy of 6 lbs. I'm wanting not to gain on this week off and keep the loss going. I bought a Smooth X Bike (um, yeah from QVC) and I've been trying to do 5-10 miles 5 or more days a week to help with exercising.

EGGS-plain Your Name: Mine's pretty easy to explain. I needed a name for my Whole Brain Teaching account and since I'm a teaching in the southern state of Louisiana, I thought Southern Teacher was fitting. When I decided to make a blog, I knew I wanted to include that in the name of the blog along with WBT, which was what the blog was mainly started for!


  1. I like HGTV on for background noise. If I had QVC on I might spend all my money, haha!
    Colleen :-)
    Fun and Fearless in First

  2. I got a fitbit for Christmas and I LOVE it!!

    Kimberly AnnLive, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  3. Hey Julie! This year has gone by so quickly, huh? I think we have just about six weeks as well. We can make it, we can make it lol!

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  4. Hi Julie! I just opened a new WBT Linky Party...choose your favorite post and join up! Thanks!!

    Looking forward to seeing you in Louisiana in June for the national conference!