Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Made It

Please don't hate me....I spent about 4 hours in my classroom today trying to get things put back in order. At my school, as long as we can pretty much get into the building all summer long. I take advantage of that!

So, with that in mind, here's my Monday Made It! This time it's all things I've done in my classroom.

I've changed my class theme for the year to pirates with colors from the Dots on Turquoise borders. First up was to put some chevron border around this long dry erase board. I used poppy red and blue so far. I'll be adding a strip of green to separate my 3rd and 4th grade WBT PowerPix.

This bulletin board is in the hallway across from my classroom. I put the double border up last time I was there. Today, I added the palm tree. The title, which will go above, will probably be Ahoy Mateys! Welcome to Room 12's Pirate Cove. I've got some pieces to laminate that will be up there with my class lists for the first day.

So I needed better way to display the birthdays of my students since I'll have near 60 of them this year! Some old calendar headers, a little marvelous tape, and my storage cabinet equals a large birthday calendar! I'll have the students color a small cupcake which will go under their month. Hopefully they all fit!!!

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  1. I am so incredibly jealous that you get to be in your classroom so early. I begin my first year teaching this August and I cannot go into my room until after July 22nd. That WOULD be early enough IF almost every day after that I weren't in 8 hour trainings. Haha. Ooooh the struggles of being a newbie! ;-)