Thursday, June 25, 2015

WBT 122 Amazing Games Book Study Ch. 1-2 Linkup

I'm joining up with Melissa from First Grade Frame of Mind and Heidi from Droppin' Knowledge in a book study of the new Whole Brain Teaching book 122 Amazing Games!


Having just returned from my 4th national WBT conference in Pineville, Louisiana, I am so ready to up into this book!

Chapters 1 and 2 are the basics of WBT which makes this book great even for those who aren't familiar with WBT is all about. Specifically, it reviews the Big Seven: Class-Yes, Mirror words, the Scoreboard, 5 Class Rules + the Diamond Rule, Teach-Okay, Switch, and Hands and Eyes. These are the first pieces to implement in the classroom at a pace comfortable for the individual teacher and his or her students.

Class-Yes is the Attention Getter. It gives a simple yet effective way to gather the focus of a group, even during activities.

Mirror words, the Engager, ensures students are actively participating in lessons because it is easy to visually see that students are focused.

The Motivator in WBT doesn't cost anything! No treasure chests, tickets, class money, or junky, cheap toys! The Scoreboard entices students to exhibit behaviors at grade levels higher than their current one with game-style levels.

The 5 Class Rules + the new Diamond Rule, the Class Unifier, covers all the behaviors you may encounter! While my school doesn't use it, I've even learned that those using PBIS can incorporate those expectations into Rule 4: Make Smart Choices!

Teach-Okay and Switch, the Activator and Involver, give students time to talk to each other about the information being taught. Worried about your chatty student taking over? Just have them Switch roles on your direction and even the shy students have a turn!

When an important topic needs introducing, you can use the Focuser, Hands and Eyes, to place extra emphasis on the attention of students!

Don't forget to visit Melissa and Heidi at their blogs as we continue our WBT book study!


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  1. Great post! I'm glad the book opens with the basic foundations of WBT first!

    First Grade Frame of Mind