Sunday, June 7, 2015

Whole Brain Teaching Certification

Have you been curious about Whole Brain Teaching and how to become a certified WBT educator? The journey is simple and exciting! In December 2012, after a few months of work on certification, I was the 4th person to achieve Level 5 - WBT Board Certified Instructor. If your intrigued, here are a few key things you need to know.

WBT Certification document: - If you visit the website,, there's a document titled Certification 2.1 which details the process. It explains the levels of certification and how to submit the points you've earned.

WBT Book: - Available on Amazon in hard copy or for Kindle, this is the resource you'll use to make certification posts. WBT book on Amazon

WBT book club: WBT Book Club - This site is where you're posts in response to questions about chapters in the WBT book are submitted. Responses don't have to be long, but they must be well written with few/no errors, and should also be thoughtful answers to the questions.

Facebook Connections: WBT Facebook page - Recently, Coach B has started posting certification questions on the WBT Facebook page. The first question is worth up to 20 CP, or certification points. In addition to the main Facebook page, there are pages for specific grade levels. If you're interested in one of those, just leave me a comment and I'll give you a link!

One of the best parts to the certification process (aside from it being FREE) is you can work through it on your own time table. No deadlines, no pressure! Since many teachers are on summer break or will be in the coming weeks, it's a great time to work on earning points. You can delve deeper into WBT and start planning and thinking about how it will fit into your classroom next year!