Sunday, July 12, 2015

WBT Books Study Chapter 4

I'm a little behind with this week's chapter in the WBT book study of 122 Amazing Games! but better late than never, right?

Chapter 4 is filled with variations on Class-Yes, Teach-Okay, Mirrors, the Scoreboard and other WBT stables. Here are some of the things I'm going to try this school year.

Class-Yes: I'm liking the echo leaders especially for those students who may have a little harder time returning their focus after a Teach-Okay session. Basically, you select some students who repeat your Class-Yes after the students have done so once.

Teach-Okay: There are so many variations provided in the book, but I think my favorite combination would be to wiggle your fingers, say Wiggly! Woggly! Teach! in a serious voice! I'm betting my 4th graders, who I will be looping with, are going to just love that one!

Mirrors: This year, I definitely want to do more Magic Mirrors. In Magic Mirrors, students have to make the gestures themselves while you talk with your hands behind you. I've used Mirror (or Silent Mirrors as it's referred to) and Mirror-Words with great success. I might test run it on my loopers, then try it with my 3rd graders since they will be new to WBT.

Scoreboard: Since I have a pirate theme in my room this year, I will be using Pirate Vs Crew for a while with Arrg! and Yo Ho Ho! For those who have been to a conference with Coach B and his lesson on the ages of history, I plan on having the class do his Yo Ho Ho! I also like Rule Roll Em to pick what the bonus points on the Scoreboard will concentrate on.

Next up will be Chapter 5 on writing. To join in on our discussion, even without blogging, click the picture to go to the Facebook page just for our book study!

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