Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blogger T-shirts!

Have you heard about Until September 30, you can get a free - yes you read that right, FREE T-shirt with your blog logo on it from this branch of A+ Images.

They have a whole line of teacher T-shirts from What's your superpower? to teachers rock. In addition to grade level themed shirts, there are some for subject areas and occasions like the 100th day of school. If you've seen the shirts with the kid drawn images of themselves, they do those, too!

Here's what my blog shirt looks like.

It was an amazing process! I sent my pictures to them and they worked with me to get the best resolution possible of those images. Before long my free shirt arrived!

Honestly, these folks are so great to work with, so consider getting your blogger shirt from them. I plan on going back to get some of their other teacher shirts, most likely the 100th day since my students don't get to participate in the activities.

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